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The 47th FEST: We announce four titles from the Serbian Film Competition Programme (Serbia and Friends)

In addition to the Main Competition Programme, there will be another Competition Programme at the 47th FEST called the Serbian Film (Serbia and Friends). This selection includes Serbian films and films made in co-production with Serbia, which will compete for the Belgrade Victor Award as well as for other awards of the Festival. We present four film premieres:  

Goran Marković will present his new film Delirijum tremens, based on the play of the same name that ran successfully at the Belgrade Drama Theatre for more than ten years. The leading actor Tihomir Stanić plays a famous actor who suddenly falls ill. He will only be able to cure himself in the hospital, with the help of psychodrama, and deal with existential issues that are troubling him. Zoran Simjanović wrote the film score. Other roles are played by Gorica Popović, Anita Mančić, Dragan Petrović, Igor Đorđević, Bereda Rešit, Milica Zarić and others. After the premiere of the film, a mini series of four episodes is expected to be broadcast on RTS.

After the multi-award winning film Enklava, Goran Radovanović will present his new documentary Slučaj Makavejev. This film examines the position of artists in socialist Yugoslavia and focuses on the political and social climate that led to the ban of the film WR: Mysteries of the Organism (1971). The secret audio recordings of the debate, held after the special screening of the film, led to unofficial censorship. Although it was never officially banned, and was one of the most successful Yugoslav films abroad, it was not until 1988 that the film was screened in Yugoslavia. Slučaj Makavejev is the latest film of Milena Dravić, who is also the lead actress of Makavejev's film and one of the most important witnesses to the events at that time.    

Miroslav Miša Terzić debuted with the film Redemption Street, and at FEST he will present the film Šavovi, which deals with a very difficult but important topic - infant abductions from maternity hospitals. The screenplay is written by Elma Tataragić, and the film is based on the story of a tailor from Belgrade who believes that her child was kidnapped 20 years ago. Snežana Bogdanović plays the lead role, and the rest of the strong female ensemble consists of Vesna Trivalić, Jelena Stupljanin, Ksenija Marinković, Jovana Stojiljković and Dragana Varagić.

From the region comes the first Croatian zombie comedy released under the name The Last Serb in Croatia. The director and screenwriter Predrag Ličina uses the endless tension between the two peoples in a very witty way - the film is set in the near future in which wars are fought over drinking water. A zombie virus appears in Croatian water that spreads rapidly, and the only people immune to it are the Serbs! The main character is Mićo (Krešimir Mikić), Zagreb's bon viveur (and also a Serb) who starts fighting zombie monsters with his favorite actress Franka (Hristina Popović). Other roles include Dado Ćosić, Tihana Lazović, Rene Bitorajac, Sergej Trifunović, as well as Severina, who plays an Italian activist fighting for the human rights of zombies.     




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