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Ambassador of the Russian Federation Alexander Chepurin attended the screening of the film Serbian Gambit: Star and Death of Count Vronsky

On Thursday, March 28th, the screening of the documentary film Serbian Gambit: Star and Death of Count Vronsky directed by Mikhail Yolkin was held at the Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive, starring Serbian actor Miloš Biković. Written by Yevgeniy Baranov, the biopic is based on the life of Nikolay Rayevsky, whom Tolstoy used as a model for the character of Vronsky in his novel Anna Karenina.

The screening was attended by Ambassador of the Russian Federation Alexander Chepurin, Director of CEBEF Damir Handanović, as well as the director Mikhail Yolkin and actor Milos Biković. The director addressed the audience and thanked everyone who helped the film to be made. He added that this was a part that had been shot for the Russian viewers, but that the work on the project was not finished, because the subject was so extensive, and that he intended to make a feature film in Serbia about the last two weeks of Rayevsky 's life after his arrival in this country. "It is an honor to be a part of a project such as this one and present this kind of hero, and I hope that we will complete the project and celebrate this feat in a worthwhile way in the future," Biković said.  



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