Raša Bukvic's directorial debut at the opening of the 52nd FEST

In addition to ‘The Holdovers’ by Alexander Payne, the directorial debut of Radivoje Raša Bukvić, the short film ‘One More Day’ will open the 52nd International Film Festival FEST. Bukvić presented his film to the media with part of the team - Jovana Jovičić, producer and Ana Krstajić, composer. The lead role is played by Mira Banjac, and for his directorial debut, the popular actor also wrote the screenplay, an intimate story, for which he found inspiration in his personal life.

"The script was inspired by the story of my grandmother, who was an optimist her whole life, and she did not want to spend her last months in a hospital, she wanted to live in nature instead, where she spent a whole century", he said.
When asked if it was difficult to choose Mira Banjac for the main part, the director answered: ’There was no dilemma. Mira Banjac was the only and inevitable choice for this role. It
depended on her consent whether we would start the production of this film. Although there were other ideas, given that she is the fifth oldest living actress in the world, we could not pass her up and not ask her to participate. Explaining how his acting experience influenced his decision to take up directing, Bukvić said:
"As an actor, when working on a text, there were situations where I was able to recognize when a director had not read a script aloud. Then we come to a situation where we bring those words on paper to life in a different way. It is very difficult to write a script and make a film, but sometimes an actor can contribute to the dramaturgy much earlier;
’Even before the filming begins, you can see what can be improved. Since it often happened that I had to perform certain scenes that could have been much better, just out of that frustration I decided to start writing and see how I, as an actor, can contibute to that improvement’, said Bukvić.

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